Throughout this site, you will find information on my accomplishments as your Senator in the most recent session of the Maryland General Assembly as well as in my past terms. You will also find announcements on current issues, letters of support from constituents, information on upcoming events, and much more.

I hope that in reviewing my site, you will take particular notice of the legislative bills of which I was the lead sponsor and will also read many of the positive responses from those who have directly benefited from the legislation.

I am most proud of the recent passing of various laws pertaining to sex offenders most notably, Jessica's Law in 2008 which provide information and protection to innocent individuals. In addition, I continue to support and sponsor legislation to preserve the Chesapeake Bay and to protect its watermen and their way of life; to sustain our farms, agricultural land, and forests; to uphold the Maryland Education System; and to support small businesses and growth on the Eastern Shore.

I trust that you will find an abundance of information regarding my past and recent accomplishments. I pride myself in tackling issues that concern you both as a constituent and as a resident of my district. It is very important to me, as your representative, to provide exceptional constituent service and to make informed decisions that will benefit the Eastern Shore for years to come.

My accomplishments in these areas, along with my commitment to maintain integrity and old-fashioned Eastern Shore values, have earned me the nickname, "A Shore Senator." I pledge to continue to serve you in this capacity and ask that you support me in the November election. Thank you for visiting my website!


Richard F. Colburn

Richard F. Colburn

A Shore Senator